Saturday, June 27, 2009

Son of a Lessor God

Hezikia : Chapter 1 Verse 1...
This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

He was not born of a virgin, but his older sister was. Because I am one of the lessor Gods it did not make a big impact in the Sacred Scripture scene. Beside girl gods are not looked on with favor in a patriarchial system.

Actually I just had this picture of my son on his new Harley and thought I would share it with you. It is really funny to watch him caress it with a special cloth to make it shine. His girlfriend is jealous of a riding machine. I can't blame her. Riding behind him is her best chance to press the flesh,unless he is wearing his leather jacket.

In my opinion, it is not his smartest move. As a teen he had long hair and played a guitar. I thought that was dumb. Then at the beginning of the First Gulf War he joined the Army because he wanted to fight. I said "Okay, that's the dumbest". Then he decided to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft wearing a backpack. I amended my opinion. That was the dumbest. Then he decided to go into business with me. DUMB! We went bankrupt. Got Married ...Dumb ( Grandkids were a good thing). 

But then Zeus wasn't all that happy with Hercules and even Jesus accused God of abandon him during that Cross Scene.

 Later I will write about my oldest child and her birthright thing Since I am a Lessor and Mortal God and times are changing on this equal rights for women thing, and she does have that Once upon a Time Birthright thing ,maybe she can handle my Lessor God Title. Good luck with that.