Saturday, June 6, 2009

POEM : " IF ONLY.." by Travis Thoth

I think this is the third poem I have published
by Travis Thoth. I am always delighted to
have the opprotunity to have a contribution
of such quality to share with my readers

My own work is eclectic in nature on several
different subjects and i encourage you to read
what may please you. I invite you to choose to
follow my bog on a regular basis. To quote
Forest Gump " Its like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you will get".

poem - "If Only .."

If only screams were quiet ..
If only howls fell silent in the night ..
If only terrors would bleed themselves forth ..
Cast as shadows from my sight ..

Would then the world dawn brightly ??
Would all with the world be right ??
Would the horror's venom be forgotten ??
Could it all be my mind a sleight ??

Death dines at sorrow's banquet ..
The bold fall forth to mirror's might ..
Weeping burdens the ravaged heart ..
No more strength within to fight ..

If only whispers would fall the tower ..
If only willows would stand to blight ..
If only dreams would wait 'til nightfall ..
So dance all grim horrors aflight ..

Stilled voices can shatter into eternity ..
Fall ceaselessly into the unknown ..

And still the mantra stands ..
If only ..

.. but now we are alone.

Copyrighted - 06/04/2009 by Travis Thoth