Saturday, August 3, 2013

Revolution without Rifles.

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The is the Hub that began our movement to bring all citizens out of Poverty and create a Human Community that insures Liberty to all and a pathway to Achievement for all.

I am more of an Evolutionary  than  Revolutionary. You could call it a  Revolution without rifles.  I am a big believer in Thoreau and Gandhi and King.  I believe in change by Sitting down in the Face-of-Power and saying " I quit !  I will not live by your rules any longer. I quit cooperating with the system until the system hears my voice"

This is the Human Community I choose.

1. Every person[rich or poor] gets sufficient food to maintain health.
2. Every person[rich or poor] gets adequate shelter to protect him from the elements.
3. Every person[rich or poor] gets medical care to keep him healthy.
4. Every person[rich or poor]] get an education to allow him to be competitive in the job market limited only by his ability to learn.

We have the productive means.  We have unlimited money. We have a distribution system in place. It only requires a change in the way we create and distribute money to create a Basic Income for every person[rich or poor].  

We must not allow the Greed of the 1% to keep us trapped in a Wage-slave system  that uses poverty to bind us by desperation.   It is better to  tell them " Take your job and shove it "  It is better force them to fill their prisons with our bodies protesting in the street than  to let them create our own prison in our own mind  out of a sense of hopelessness.
We are hopeless and helpless only by choice.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conservative View of Government

                                                            In the Course of Time

We forget why we needed to be a Nation     .     

Right Wing Conservative Ten Commandments for Government.
1. Too much crime - eliminate policeman.
2. Too many fires - layoff fireman
3. Too much ignorance - close the schools
4. Too much unemployment - fire people
5. Too much hunger - eliminate food assistance
6. Too many homeless- close the shelters
7. Too many regulation violations - stop regulating
8. Too many accidents - eliminate speed limits and alcohol laws
9 Too little health care - eliminate medicare
10.Too many criminals & crazies with guns - Stop asking gun sellers to check on gun buyers.

Radical Conservatives believe that No Government is the best Government, Good Guys always beat the Bad Guys, and we don't need no stinking rules to tell the difference between Good Guys & Bad Guys.
copyright © William Hodge 2013  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Moderating the Superior Difference


It would be interesting to live in a Society in which all Goods & Services were distributed equally. Unfortunately, that is contrary to the Nature of Man. Even in our Prison Systems where things are most heavily controlled and every prisoner is suppose to have the same food, The same clothes, the same shelter, and medical care and all other thing provided by the system,  there is no equality. Some prisoners live very well with virtual freedom and most others are just Bitches.

Inequality is derived from the desire to compete for prize of power and the perks that accompany it. Even in a system design to be oppressive [but with equality] there are "some who are more equal than others".    There are also those who cooperate voluntarily to achieve a form of sharing with each other, because that too is in the nature of man. I would like to live in a world of equality but know that we can at best just approach that. Not even in a "Benevolent" Dictatorship is there a way to eliminate the desire of individual to compete for exceptional-ism [a Superior difference].

My hope is not to change the Nature of Man, but to modify it in ways that protect the lives of the many. If all men have sufficient food, adequate shelter, basic medical care, and the opportunity to acquire the maximum skills of his abilities, then all men would have the Freedom to say No to the oppressor who would withhold the basic elements of survival [food, shelter.....].   Only then would the Oppressor lack the power to force others to labor to the advantage of the oppressor. The most basic Freedom is Freedom from Desperation. Only then is there "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" available to the Common Person.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Everyone cannot win the Race

In every race, There is one who comes in first and one who comes in last and the remainder follow a bell curve in finishing. But there can be no race if only one person is running. The point of this post is to make it clear that success is not the prize of everyone who works hard to be a winner. That is the nature of competition. The prize does not go to those who try but fall short.

There is another side to people who belong to the human community. It is cooperation. There are no winners or losers or personal trophies.There is just mutual sharing. Almost no single person is all one or the other. Both are useful attributes in the preservation of life. Both have a place in producing those things that are needed as essentials and those things that are exceptional and furnish the rewards for creating the competition that leads to efficient productive effort.

There are many stories of achievement by people who start from nearly impossible conditions. There are far more stories of people with "silver spoons" who achieved great personal success.  The overwhelming number of stories I know is about failure to achieve by those who worked as hard or harder than you and I and still never rose to any level of success.

The simple fact is that where one starts in the competition of life has a much higher correlation to where one finishes the Race than does how hard you work. The story of Rags to Riches is the exception that proves the rule of the advantage of privilege over poverty in the competition for exceptional-ism  .

That is why I am a progressive. I believe that Society has an obligation to every single individual to give them the essentials of life [food, shelter, medical care and all the skills the individual is willing and able to learn] that are necessary for a level playing field. That is where the cooperative nature of man becomes essential to the purpose of Community.

The business of Life is not exceptional-ism. Exceptional-ism is a tool to achieve efficiency in the task of Society preserving the opportunity of protecting each and every life. This is the reason that we live and cooperate in communities. It is the reason we institute Governance to compel all member of our community to do their fair share of providing for the needs of the Commonshare. Too often achievers prefer to expand their gratification of the competitive need of exceptional reward and defend greed by calling it personal freedom . 

True Freedom is to know that you will not be hungry and homeless or ill without care. It is knowing you have teachers to equip you with skills to achieve according to your best abilities. It is the right to escape from those who have the power to let you starve if you refuse to work at their command for their profit at their price.  It is the freedom not to be a wage-slave.  Only democratic governance of sufficient size and strength to protect you right to share the essential of life that have their source in the Commonshare of land, air and water can give you true freedom. Anyone trying to convince you that your Government is always your enemy is the person that seeks to be your master.

 Copyright © William Hodge 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ideals of Self Government

We are still on the path from Declaration to Constitution to building a Free Nation of free people with equal opprotunity to contribut to the achievement of the ideal Human Community.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

If any man is hungry, or homeless, or ill, or ignorant, it is self-evident that he has NO unalienable right to life. Any Society that fails to provide the protection of life for all of its citizens, fails to provide Liberty for the desparate . It allows the Pursuit of Happiness only for a select few and permits wage-slavery to be the fact for the many.

The Declaration of Independency from Despotic Rulers and the War of Revolution to fulfil the promise of that Declaration lead to a Government with a commetment to
" promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posteity"
The Founding Fathers did not incorporate the ideals of the Declaration into the Government our Federal Republic but it did institute a promise to seek a more perfect Union. We have come a ways but we have yet a ways to go. Let us hope we will not be bound to our past. Let us hope to move to a more democratic future with equality.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Essentials of Survival or Where to Break the Egg.


All life has a common dependency  on land, air, water.  The use of it is exclusive to no one. There is no birthright to possession with or without the contribution of personal labor. Not even your own labor is exclusively yours if another has the power to compel you to serve him with your labor.

 I am a son of the South and among my ancestors were men who owned slaves and never once questioned their right to compel their slaves to serve them for all of their lives and the lives of their children and their children's children.  Even their Religion and their Government told them that this was their Birthright to possess at will. 

Also among my ancestors were Native Americans who laid claim by birthright to the use of the land of their ancestors. But in the end superior power of the Invaders displaced this Birthright push my ancestor off their land and down the "Trail of Tears"  and now modern day American claim it as their right to possess by virtue of  Labor.  

There is no such right of possession in Nature.  It become possible only if the Community [which has power superior to the individual] grants the privilege of possession in return for a tax that is due to the community to provide for the common use of that community.  How the Common-share is used is determined by who holds the power of Community. It might be Democratic or Oligarch or Dictatorial, but it exist beyond the power of any single individual to resist.  

If the Community decides that a portion of that tax of the Commonshare is to be used for food, shelter, medical-care and skill training for some or all of the Citizen of the Community, the opinion of those who believe it is Philosophically wrong is an opinion of no consequence in the absence of Democratic Response or Armed Rebellion.

 It is not your or my  Philosophical Opinion that determines Absolute Right.  It is the will of those who hold the power to impose their will that determine truth of the moment.  It is only the willingness to evolve values by compromise that offers a pathway to change without violence. I for one embrace the privilege to possess wealth as reward for achievement of competition and for the contribution  to the common good.  I also am of the opinion that a community that guarantees that each and every citizen shall have food, shelter, medical care and education that is not predicated upon the need to satisfy a Bureau for Begging is a stable and productive community. 

 I am fully satisfied that a modern technological Society can easily do both without  a struggle  to satisfy the need to be Absolutely Right  about the proper Moral Behavior. Our present struggle over who will hold power, leads me directly to consideration of the Society of Lilliputians in Gulliver's Travels. What does it really matter which end of the boiled egg you crack before eating. 

 Copyright © William Hodge 2012 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Commonshare is the Heart of Community


It is my believe that the distribution of the essentials of life should not be tested by monetary need. I find the concept of a Bureau for Begging to be humiliating  in an era of abundance. I am a supporter of the concept of Common-share.  Land, air, and water are essential to all life in common and private ownership cannot go uncontested except at the will of the Community at large.  

When the Society grants the privilege of private ownership of any part of the Commons in the attempt to achieve efficient productivity or reward it, the holder of the privilege owes a share back to the Community of the personal gain he makes from holding title. It is this tax that comes from a share of private gain  that belong to the whole Community. It is ethically due in exchange for no one contesting the power of Community to grant the privilege private individual use of that which belongs to all.

It is this tax that provides the means for an efficient distribution of basic food, shelter, medical care and skill training, all of which are essential to life. The distribution should be to every citizen without regard to social status or wealth.  Every individual gets it,  be he Prince or pauper.  In an abundant Society that needs only limited 
labor, a persons labor that is not need should have no moral bearing on his right to receive the benefit of the 

 Labor that is needed should be rewarded with a greater share of what is being produced.  It could be and would be given to those who make the free choice of  contributing his labor. It could be and would be done in the capitalist free market economic system. 

 The system of distribution could be done through the same Social Security System that is already in place to distribute the money for the life essentials of retires.  Retirement benefits would simply be added to the basic life  benefits when one reaches the age of retirement from one's freely chosen paid for labor contributions to society. That is the best way for all to start at the same line to both compete and cooperate in building our shared Community of Living

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