Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daughter of a Lessor God

Hezekiah Chapter 2 Verse 1: This is my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased.

Glenda the Good was born of a Virgin my beloved Queen Jean. I spent two years trying to seduce Virgin Jean. But she said no spirits in her bed without Papers, Preacher, and a Party. Only then would there be a trip to the Mountain Top. We HoneyMooned in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Ten months later(my mother-in-law kept the calendar) my first born, Princess Glenda the Good was born. It isn't easy being the daughter of one of the Lessor Gods. She turned out pretty good considering all things and now she is the mother of two of my Grand children. Paul the Bike Rider(whom I wrote about earlier - Hezekiah Chapter 1) is father to my other two grandchildren.

This is the beginning of the Adventures of the Lessor Gods. The Gospel of Hezekiah is a work in progress. It is a miricle that things have gotten this far. Amen?

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