Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conservative View of Government

                                                            In the Course of Time

We forget why we needed to be a Nation     .     

Right Wing Conservative Ten Commandments for Government.
1. Too much crime - eliminate policeman.
2. Too many fires - layoff fireman
3. Too much ignorance - close the schools
4. Too much unemployment - fire people
5. Too much hunger - eliminate food assistance
6. Too many homeless- close the shelters
7. Too many regulation violations - stop regulating
8. Too many accidents - eliminate speed limits and alcohol laws
9 Too little health care - eliminate medicare
10.Too many criminals & crazies with guns - Stop asking gun sellers to check on gun buyers.

Radical Conservatives believe that No Government is the best Government, Good Guys always beat the Bad Guys, and we don't need no stinking rules to tell the difference between Good Guys & Bad Guys.
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