Saturday, August 3, 2013

Revolution without Rifles.

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The purpose of our movement to bring all citizens out of Poverty and create a Human Community that insures Liberty to all and a pathway to Achievement for all.

I am more of an Evolutionary  than  Revolutionary. You could call it a  Revolution without rifles.  I am a big believer in Thoreau and Gandhi and King.  I believe in change by Sitting down in the Face-of-Power and saying " I quit !  I will not live by your rules any longer. I quit cooperating with the system until the system hears my voice"

This is the Human Community I choose.

1. Every person[rich or poor] gets sufficient food to maintain health.
2. Every person[rich or poor] gets adequate shelter to protect him from the elements.
3. Every person[rich or poor] gets medical care to keep him healthy.
4. Every person[rich or poor]] get an education to allow him to be competitive in the job market limited only by his ability to learn.

We have the productive means.  We have unlimited money. We have a distribution system in place. It only requires a change in the way we create and distribute money to create a Basic Income for every person[rich or poor].  

We must not allow the Greed of the 1% to keep us trapped in a Wage-slave system  that uses poverty to bind us by desperation.   It is better to  tell them " Take your job and shove it "  It is better force them to fill their prisons with our bodies protesting in the street than  to let them create our own prison in our own mind  out of a sense of hopelessness.
We are hopeless and helpless only by choice.

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