Monday, August 30, 2010

Sight & Sounds from Myrtle Beach

The post below came from my Website

I am thinking about building a new website

and wanted to put my blogs here where I

started blogging so I would not lose

them in a process of changing over

and they would still be available for reading


Busy Beach

I bring you greetings from Myrtle Beach.

The surf is cool upon my feet.

I send regards from me to each

and all my friends as I go to eat.

Shrimp and crab upon my plate

A sauce delight for all time

Hunger calls. I can not wait

A flight of flavor and all is mine.


And now I rest weary head

For the best of day I offer this

My lovely wife will share my bed

Giving to me a lingering kiss

Copyright © 2009 william Hodge

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