Monday, August 30, 2010

Poetry: Rushing to the Sea

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Poetry from my Youth



There! There upon the mountain top

The water gushes down

Sprays upon the rock below

Halowed in a rainbows crown

There it goes by mountain town

Rushing in a stream

Bigger now, slower now

Not now quite as clean

There it goes in river bed

Joined in multitude

Filled with traffic, noisy boats

It’s lost its solitude

There it moves, slowly moves

Its burden never still

On its surface life abounds,

But life its soul will kill.

There it flows into the sea

From muddy, murky lands

To find its rest in ocean’s grave

Silent, washing silent sands.

Copyright © 2009william Hodge

The Phoenix of Love

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Requiem for Unrequited Love

by William H. Hodge

I wrote this piece of prose poetry as an analysis of healing from a broken heart left from an incident of my life as a teenager. I found the included picture on a google search and I like it and the accompanying story so I included it.

We celebrate the Life and Mourn The Death Of this Spirit Child of Love. It sprang from the Soul of its Mother Full of promise, seeking succor In the heart of its intended Father
But He knew it not. His Heart saw it as a stranger He could not take it in.
It is not the fault of the Father that the child is Dead. It could have lived in the Heart of the Mother Unrequited.
But the Spirit Child of Love Could not grow without succor. Its Mother Killed it.

We are here to scatter its ashes in the barren desert of its Mothers Soul.
But as You Mourn its Death Know that it can be reborn. Its Ancestor is the Phoenix.
When it hears the Siren cry New Love will arise from its ashes Out of the barren desert Of its Mothers Soul It will leap forth into the world

It will seek succor from the Heart of its new intended Father
Love can never die. As long as there are those that will give it birth, It will spring forth into the world.
Where it finds nurture it will grow It will Blossom into a thing of Beauty
It will bring Joy Into the lives of those who behold it. It will replace despair with anticipation.
Know the Song of the siren. Hear it sing and give Birth. Nurture what you have wrought. Share it and know Joy.

Copyright © 2009 William H. Hodge.