Friday, April 3, 2009

Street Poets "Sonnet to a Rose"


This Sonnet was written by me for my Wife many years ago. I am not a serious Formal Poet so I don't pretend that it is aMasterpiece. But I am ready to share it with any who might care.

Sonnet to a Rose

Sweet Rose, Symbol of fragrance and beauty
Shed every rainbow hue save lonely blue
Kiss the early morn. Sate your thirst with dew.
Seek the warm rays of the Sun by Dawns Decree.
Share your sweet nector with the bumble bee.
when there he comes to seek his fill of you.
The life he brings will make you live anew With that life do lovers do their duty.
For with this rose,the symbol of my love
I offer wrapped in dreams of my desire.
To one who fills the depth of soul in me.
With touch of its soft petals,I conspire
To win her Heart and all her Love acquire.
Sweet sweet Rose...symbol of this lovers plea.

Copyright © 2004 William H. Hodge All rights reserved
 This short piece was not written by me and I never learned the name of the author. But I liked it enough to include it.

To me, you are a delicate Rose
Whose beauty never dies
When pressed between the pages
Of a good book;
Or caught between the pages
Of my mind.
- Unknown Author

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