Thursday, April 23, 2009

Requiem for Unrequited Love

This piece was written in response to a romantic disaster of my youth and another later in life to a friend. Relationships now seem so casual that I'm not sure many will will find empathy with an intense one sided commitment of one to another.  The concept uses a female/ male romantic construct but the situation is a universal failure of an intended personal relationship.

The Requiem

We celebrate the Life and Mourn the Death Of this Spirit Child of Love. It sprang from the Heart of its Mother, full of promise, seeking succor at the heart of its intended Father But He knew it not. His own Heart saw it as a stranger and could not take it in.

It is not the fault of the Father that the child is Dead. It could have lived in the Heart of the Mother unrequited. But the Spirit Child of Love would not grow without succor and so the Mother Killed it. We are here to scatter its ashes in the barren desert of its Mother's Soul.

But as You Mourn its Death Know that it can be reborn. Its ancestor is the Phoenix. When it hears the Siren cry of new Love it will arise from its ashes out of the barren desert and leap forth into the world from the Heart of its Mother seeking succor from the Heart of its new intended Father

Love can never die. As long as there are those that give it birth, it will spring forth into the world. And where it finds nurture it will grow and Blossom into a thing of Beauty and bring Joy into the lives of those who behold it. 

Despair  is replaced with anticipation. Hear the Song of the siren. Hear it and give Birth. Sing it and nurture that which you have wrought. Share it and know Joy.

Copyright © 2004 William H. Hodge. All rights reserved