Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This poem was written by a friend of mine on Facebook named Travis Thoth. I am but amature 
in the art of Poetry but this piece appealed to me.  I ask his permission to share it with you and he graceiously agreeded. May it bring you the pleasure it brought me.

Poem - "Gamers' Salvation"

Dying a thousand deaths every moment of life,
I chase a dream only to find a nightmare.
I cage myself from the horrors of the world: 
Bound, eternally, to the horrors of my own soul.

O’ fantasy, free me from the tyranny of life.
Make me love me:
Even if I be not the object of my affections.
Hold my thoughts and senses from that which plagues me.

Now, I am Prince, Pauper, and Knight of Sacred Virtue.
Now, I am Sage, Saint, and Keeper of Great Wisdom.
Now, I am Maiden, Minstrel, and all things joyful.
Until the break in worlds, I am my desired me.

Copyrighted: 04/28/2009 Travis Thoth   https://www.facebook.com/Thudor?lst=1464858665%3A1179605328%3A1513621641

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