Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Engine that burns water

When I was a boy, I remember being told that someone had invented an engine that would run on water. The story was that the oil companies had bought up the patent and was keeping it a secret so that they could make profit on selling gas.

I knew this was untrue because engines depended on combustion and water is already burned hydrogen + oxygen [H2O]. Then I figured out that the engine burned hydrogen and the product was water. The oil companies did not need to hide the water engine. It was cheaper to make gasoline than hydrogen.

I tell you this story because it is a Bankers tale. They want you to believe that the economic engine will not run without their fuel [money]. They want you to pay them profit for their fuel. Money is not a thing. It is a process. Money is the bringing together of Hydrogen [Labor] and oxygen [raw material] in the engine [economy] and producing a product [good & service]. Money is nothing more than ignition.
Then when the product is made by those who run the productive capacity machine, it then serves as the gatekeeper for the transfer of those Goods & Service. The Consumer of the product uses money to have the ownership of the product transferred to him. That money is then held in a bank account to be used at a later time by the producer of Goods & Service to produce more product.  Money is not a real thing. It is a contractual agreement for the transfer of goods & service over time. The sovereign power of the Government enforces the power of money to create and trade those things we use or own. 

Bankers are just record keepers. They are the score-keepers of the game and have no right to be paid like a player. In a Sovereign Nation with a Sovereign fiat currency, it is the Nation that owns the spark plug. It is the Nation that ignites the economic engine. There is a reason that interest has been viewed as morally wrong. Interest is a way of stealing using the Government gun.

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