Monday, June 4, 2012

Growing Money for everything

Furnishing food for everyone in the world is already technologically possible.   It would only take a small  % of the available labor to accomplish that. The problem is distribution.  If the goal of the distributors is to maximize profit, then many people will be left by the wayside.  

A great many people don't have  money to buy on the market.  They can't get money by working if there is no work available.  They can't create local growing with their personal labor without the money to sustain their labor to harvest.  So the problem is having money to create local distribution of both food and labor. 

So the solution is two fold.  The first involves growing money.  Every Sovereign Nation has the power to create money, and bypass International Debt. Every Nation has the power to create an effective tax system that will make their money valuable to pay taxes.  A Sovereign Nation can create a low or no-interest loan program with Government grown money to create local production of the essentials of life.

The second step is to use the home grown money to build home grown infrastructure and local distribution systems, not only for food but for clothes and shelter and  teaching basic skills.  

The biggest fault in the modern world is the belief that money only comes from Banks and must cost interest that the poor person cannot pay even if the banker were willing to loan.  The truth is that money is the right of Sovereign nations to create for themselves and distribute that money virtually free of charge into projects that create independence of the people to sustain themselves without being wage-slaves to the Corporate Masters of the World.

Of course none of this is new. It is in fact becoming a world movement of DIY greening of a sustainable world.  It is difficult in many places because the only money resource is charity and that is simply a very limited supply of change.  

The key comes with the understanding that there is always enough money available to the Nation that understand that it is the creator of its own currency.  It does not have to sell out its people to the Money-Changers of the World.  If we learn that money without interest is an act of legal will, we will also learn that it is the hammer that breaks the chain of greed.  There will be enough money to pay for the food.