Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Earth cannot be owned.

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We do not tax to spend. We tax to be sure that those who gain profit from the Commons of the Nation pay an equitable share to the common people of the Nation. Common people are more than just wage slaves to the Wealthy.

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Richard Tyson

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There are a few things that are essential to existence. Land, food, water, air. Without just one of these no human can live. To be taxed on the use of any of these, when the usage is for basic survival, is antithetical to the most basic of human rights. Every person, has in theory, equal right to that which is essential for survival, ie a minimum usage of land, food, water, and air.

When usage exceeds that which is essential then it is fair that those who enjoy excess are taxed. When an oil company drills they're doing it for profit at the expense of those who would rather enjoy a walk through unspoilt nature. One entity is taking away from the other and it would be only right for a certain level of compensation to occur. If they're paying from profits or paying a land tax, they're essentially paying because of their use of the land. At the basic level, it doesn't matter what the basis of the tax is, as long as compensation paid is equitable and results in benefit to all of society.

As to taxing income being punitive. Grrrrrr. Tell me again how one person is worth millions times more than another? ( A garbage collector is probably more important than a doctor because he stops disease before it can occur) Again, there are minimum levels of income that are to be taken into account. A certain minimum allows one to barely survive, another level allows a modicum of comfort, another level is just plain greed. No one should should be taxed when they attain a modicum of comfort. Anything above that should be taxed until the "take home" pay is the same as the tax cut off limit. If the super wealthy were to pay land tax rather than income tax they would never come close to paying what they should. Far from being punitive, tax on excessive income is the right thing to do to even the standard of living for everyone.

When this is done the incentive to speculate is removed and the result will be a far safer, more secure and happier society. Anything else results in the crap we currently experience.

While we have the opportunity to gain at the expense of another no economic system can work in the best interests of all. Tax is one way of leveling the playing field, and how taxes are instituted are not nearly as important as who and in what amounts they come from and how they're distributed.