Sunday, August 28, 2011

Evolution Questions Christianity - On Faith

Knowledge wins the Mind  slowly but surely

Observation of facts have overwhelmingly supported the validity of the Theory of Evolution. Evolution a  subject of Science - not religion. Conservative Fundamentalist Christians fight it by saying that it is an unproven theory. They like to point out that the majority of people are opposed to the Theory of Evolution. They fail to understand that Science is not proven or discredited by popular vote. Science is proven or discredit by the observation and testing validity of facts.

No Observation of Facts can easily discredited the Belief of the Faithful.  As long as Politicians are elected by popular opinion they often have a vested interest in supporting what is observably false.  One of the dangers of Democracy is that the people often decide that what they believe has greater importance than what Science knows.  

But on balance, I would rather let the majority of people make the mistakes than give power to the few that make mistakes. It is best for freedom that our ideas fostered by science can change over time. After all - the earth is no longer flat. In time Eden will no longer be Paradise Lost.