Friday, September 3, 2010

We are Social Democrats

American Social Progressives are not Socialist.

written by William Hodge

Socialism is a political and economical ideology

that intends to create a society free of class- and

other differences, wherein the means to produce

everything is controled by the state, and thus 

everything produced is subsequently

distributed by the state.  Socialism under this

description would be an economic ideology just as Capitalism is an economic ideology.

If the Political form in use were a Dictatorship combined with this definition of Socialism then the socio-economic system would be Communism. The purpose of the Communist State was to take control of the means of

Producing Goods and Services until the classless Society was established. At that point the people of this classless Society would control the means of production and the State would wither away. 

Unfortunately for the classless, those who had the responsibility for running the temporary government prove to have more class priviledges 

It is very difficult to surrender Privilege

once gained . Dictatorships do not wither with grace.

American Social Safety Networks were never meant to be a classless Society.The United States is a Representative Democracy as a 

Political form of Government. The Economic system is primarily Capitalism, an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments

that are determined by private decision, and by

prices, production, and the distribution of goods

that are determined mainly by competition in a

free market. 

In theory the economic gain by the individual depends on the level of ownership he has in the means of production in the economy and by

his level of work and contribution to the productionof goods and services. It is the desire to maximize  the personal gain that contributes to the efficiency of the Capitalist system of production.

In addition to its economic system, the Government is also a provider of Goods and Services. The government maintains a Military system to defend the territorial integrity and 

the protection of its citizens from aggression by other government entities.  It provides

infrastructure(roads, bridges), education, healthcare and a retirement system for the old and disabled and military veterans. It provides some welfare for the poor and various other systems to protect the wellbeing of its citizens.

The money for providing these goods and services comes from taxing the income from goods and services created in the Capitalist economic system. The goods and services

provided by government constitutes the social part of the economic system of our Representative Democracy.

Most Democratic forms of government have a hybrid form of economic system of both Capitalism and Social Parity. Capitalism creates an efficient production of goods and service and Government services provide a safety network

for all of the citizens under the authority of the Government.

Copyright © William Hodge 2010

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