Sunday, September 5, 2010

Social Progress Plus Wealth

Capitalism Can Coexist


If A society cannot produce enough to

sustain itself as a society it will perish.

In the modern world the individuals of the

community need to work and produce

enough food, clothing, shelter, education,

and medical care for all of its citizens or

except the fact that some will die.

If enough is produced to ensure the survival

of all and yet it is distributed in a way that

leaves some with huge surplus, and others

with not enough to live, the society is feeding

the greed of some by denying life to others.

It makes no difference if the society is

Dictatorial, Democratic, Libertarian, or Anarchist,

It is still not functioning in a viable way if it fails to

serve the intrinsic value of the life of each of its

citizens. It instead serves the greed of the few

at the expense of life itself.


The economic system of the society is not of the

highest priority to me, as long as it serves the

basic needs of each individual. After those needs

of food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical

care are met , if the economic system produces

a surplus of Good & Services it can be divided in

any way that contributes to the efficient operation

of the system.I have no problem with their being a

mix of Uber-rich, medium rich, Upper middle class,

lower middle class,and just plain poor. I only want

every person to have work, food, clothing, shelter,

education and health care and every person should

have the opportunity to move up the ladder of success.


Don’t tell me that Charity will do the job.

We both know it will not. It must be the function of

Government in order to be effective. It is up to us all

to choose the type of government and the economic

system and the method of distribution of the basics

necessary for all of us to survive. As long as Democracy

is our Government System it can Coexist with regulated

Capitalism as our Economic System.


Copyright © William Hodge 2010

Wednesday – June 30, 2010

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