Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Room by Ray Melnik

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Ray Melnik and I became friends on Face book.

He has a brilliant and logical mind and I have

enjoyed exchanging ideas in conversations with

him. I was delighted when he was gracious enough

to send me autographed copies of three of the

books he has written.

When Ray sent me a copy of his book The Room

I expected it to be Science Fiction and it was.

But It was a lot more . It is also a Love Story and

it is a story about family relationships and the

consequence of the decisions that are made.

The protagonist and narrator of The Room is

Harry Ladd, a recently-divorced wiring technician of modest means

.Click novel cover for Information about "The Room"

At the heart of the story is Harry’s interaction with

his dying mother, who suffers from the delusion that

she is living 24 years in the past. She thinks Harry is

twelve years old and she keeps asking him about his

absent younger brother, Malcolm, whom she wants

to see. It involves adult concerns of a man who is

father, brother, son, divorcée and lover in his new

romance with Lacie.

“If multiple universes were true and somehow

two of those universes could lightly touch, creating

a bubble, what would be the consequence of

decisions changed in the past”.

This concept is the Science that furnishes the twist

in the fiction. What happens in the future if different

choices are made in the past.

It is a very enjoyable read and I recommend it.

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