Friday, August 21, 2009

My TV pleasure without guilt

I started this particular blog because of a question posed on Plinky ( , "What's your 'guilty pleasure' TV show?" I could think of nothing .

I can't say that guilt ever occurred to me while watching TV. Boredom,yes - but guilt is not a typical emotion for me. My taste and my wife's taste are very often different and mutual viewing is sometimes boring for one of us. And then there is my Son and my grandchildren, they also have their differing taste. I guess that is why we have three TVs ,not to mention three computers. I guess guilt will have be a problem for the gods. I don't have time to hide.

Off course, maybe if I could get the Playboy channel, I would watch in secret.....Nah! I would probably invite over some of my Christian friends and tell them that we were going to watch new Movie called "Apocalypse and the New Earth". , and I would video tape their reaction. Except my Christan friends don't trust me. They love me and want to save me from being a "backslider" (A "backslider" is one who has lost his way and returned to the ways of evil). It has always amazed me that a community could pursue consuming Hate and determined Love at the same time.

So much for guilty viewing. This blog was an interesting exercise in learning how to write with almost no redeeming social value. So I decide to publish it anyhow. It is difficult to write life changing social commentary all the time, so I thought I would give you this filler today.

I will throw in a few TV watching images just to add a little class to this time waster.