Sunday, August 2, 2009


Glenda is my daughter. She has her Degree in Psycology. Part of her job is counseling I thought this was to funny to pass up. I hope she doesn't get to mad at me for taking advantage. I should have ask first. But I'm too old to change now.

Glenda Hodge:
This squirrel was sitting on my window sill at work. How can I work with a crazy squirrel looking at me!
July 29 at 8:48p
Glenda...there were sooooo many comments that just popped into my head when I read the part about, "how can I work with a crazy squirrel?" I was work with WHOM everyday? haha haha
Glenda: people, for the most part, are predictible. I don't know what that squirrel is doing.
Thu at 11:35am