Monday, May 11, 2009

Return O' Star by Travis Thoth

So dreadful ghosts of evils past rise in clouded fog.
Mine eyes: they see not as they see.
Mine ears: they hear not as they hear.
Wishful thoughts burden, and deepened sorrows breath.

Lost, a creature from beyond the darkness,
Whispers soft, and breaks away.
Holds, in frail grasp, a star shining a failing pulse.
Of suns and worlds, I nothing had to say.

No being can reach the stars.
No hearts can mend, and no souls can soften the mirror's gaze.
No faded stars can be reborn.
A guilted soul will weep his woeful ways.

Crying and calling unto the heavens,
Of joyful stars forever lost.
Sorrow singing into the darkness.
Return, O' Star, whatever thy cost.

Copyright: 05/11/2009 Travis Thoth