Thursday, April 2, 2009


We Have Hope

The last time I wrote something on this Blog was in 2004, just before George Bush won his second term.So much has changed and yet so little. I'm still basically the same person(just older), but the country has change around me.
The greed that feeds and motivates our economic system has brought us to the edge of disaster. It often has in the past. It will bring us back from the edge when we have made conditions right as it also has done in the past.

It also brought the Republicans to their knees, at least for now. It helped to elect a new kind of President that I could not have hoped to believe would happen for many years into the future. It is equally hard to believe how much joy that could bring to the heart of this old Southern White Boy. I have always wanted to believe in the future of the Human Race. Perhaps my grandchildern will see the beginning of such an age.

The thing that makes me sad is that my Beloved South has allowed the Republican money people to convince many of the Christians among us that the Laws of Moses imposes  material "moral values" that overide the Power of Love that Jesus taught us. It was easy to do because most whites don't want to vote for a party that shares power with minorities. Richard Nixon and Harry Dent converted the South to Republicanism Now we stand on the sideline of History with our Fear & Guilt  while others change the world for the better.

During the last Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt gave us Social Security(upon which I now depend for dignity and sustinence) and he led us into the new world. What will the Democrats  do for America now while the Republicans are "wandering in the Wilderness" searching for the New Fear to help feed the Greed of unbridaled Capitalism. Hopefully we will learn to controlled greed and fill both need to eliminate Poverty and growth Wealth at the same time.