Tuesday, July 24, 2012

American Autumn: an Occudoc (full length)

I am posting this on my Blogger site because I am a believer. I know that if we keep pushing the envelope we can build a better America. You must take the time to view this if you want to learn how a determined few can move a reluctant many until the Nation itself must give way to a New Way.

William Hodge.

" ... we now have a film of our own. This is not amateur hour.  This is a movie as well made, in technical terms, as any Hollywood blockbuster with Pentagon funding.  But this is a movie with us in it.  I don't mean our little group of activist friends.  I mean us, the people of this country, our stories, our hardships, our triumphs, our injustices, our tragedies, our humor.  This is radically different from what you'll see at your local movie theater".   - David Swanson, MichaelMoore.com

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written, produced & directed by Dennis Trainor, Jr
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Associate producer/ co-editor/ graphics/ color & titles: AJ Russo

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