Monday, November 14, 2011

The Social Order

by Pax Village Voice on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 8:00am
It is my opinion that one cannot live productively in a society without abiding by the rules and customs of the Society. Our Society is a Democratic Representative Republic in which the people have the ultimate right to decide what those rules and customs will be.

It is my intention to use the democratic process to guarantee every person the means to survive as long as they have the capacity to survive. Those who disagree with my Standards & Ethics and Cultural Customs have the same opportunity to use Democratic methods to choose another way. 

America is not and cannot be the Agrarian Republic rule by white property(including slaves) owners that we started as. Our democratic Nation is now ruled by the majority votes of all citizens of adult age  We have established Government guaranteed benefits of Social Security and Medicare for retirees, Medicaid and Food stamps and other benefits for the poor. The only change I seek is to make Social Entitlements exist for all people with out means testing and Bureaucratic intervention.

I want Taxes to be more a function of process income than personal income and I want the control of the Banks over the power to create Money to be returned to the Government as the Constitution requires.  Lincoln had the process right when he created Greenbacks  That is the way it should be now.  If we fail to acquire control of International Banking, they will surely gain complete control of us.  Our democracy could hang in the balance. It is past time to create a Political Voter Union dedicated to the proposition that all individuals should have  guaranteed access to the essentials that that make life for the individual possible.

Privilege of ProfitI

I first wrote this essay for my Facebook community page Pax Village Voice. 

William Hodge  

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