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Libertarianism has got it all wrong.

I understand the theories of Kropotkin and anarcho-syndicalist

and Anarchist and Libertarians and most of the combinations

that involve Communism and Socialism and cooperative

communities and all the anti-statism combinations. I also know

that they ignore some basic facts of life.

It is true that Man can live in cooperative communities.

It is part of his nature. But it is also true that his nature is

also competitive. Competition is the driving force of change

in the human community and is what creates efficient

productions values that make ultimate progress possible.

Surplus is not created by idealism. It comes from the desire

to out perform and appear exceptional to others members

of the community. It is not a quality that is possible to

suppress in the individual. It must instead be utilized to

enhance the production values of the Community.

That is the reason that the Capitalist economic system

works so well in creating surplus.

It also true that the present political and economic

situation is unjust and serves only to enrich the few

at the expense of the many. It is exacerbated by the

excessive power and influence of multi-national

Corporations that often do not let ethics interfere

with the bottom line. But when the Corporate excess

crosses to far over the line in a Democratic society

the stress that is caused to the community will result

in change in the social programs that lead to more parity.

The problem with the transition from an existing

government order to a new social form is that it

requires a violent Revolution. The Communist

experiment and the French Revolution both testify

to the fact that internal Revolution leading to drastic

changes in forms of Governance often lead to

unintended consequences.

The American Revolution was more of a change of

the source of Authority than a change of government

style. That has actually been an evolutionary process

over two hundred years. We must make Democracy

our mode of change and do it with time for adjustment

of popular concepts. We must also be aware that you

will not turn competition into cooperation.

Both human motivations must be used in a mutually

supportive system. Social Economic philosophy can

influence practical change but it cannot replace it.

Kropotkin was right in his assertion that

“it is bread that the Revolution needs”.

The ensured supply of basic commodities is essential

to any successful Social change.

I believe in a human community that makes sure

that every member of the community has enough

food to eat. They each must have shelter and clothes

and skill training or education. Ever human must

have access to a baseline of medical care that

assures the best chance of long time survival and an

acceptable quality of life. The also should have the

availability of work. Every citizen has both responsibility

and the right to make meaningful contribution to the

society in which they live.

There is both time and method to transform our

Big Village into a society that both recognizes and

rewards effort and creativity, and provides Freedom

from Want of the basic necessities that make life possible

Copyright © William Hodge 2010   - 06/25/2010

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